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Drug manufacturers try to do everything so that erectile dysfunction is not associated negatively. That is why the medicine they produce takes more and more different forms and flavors to provide sensory experiences along with proper efficacy. One of the latest proposals is Kamagra in gel, which is available in many flavors, among which we distinguish oriental lychees, kiwi, watermelon, figs, caramel, raspberries, the taste of lemons, mint and juicy strawberries and many, many others. So you can easily choose your favorite fruit and associate erectile dysfunction medicine with taste pleasures.
Some of the flavors are also aphrodisiacs, so they will directly influence excitement and increase the desire for sex even more. How to take medicine for potency in this form? It is no different from classic tablets, so it should be taken about 15 to 30 minutes before planned intercourse. You should not take more than one serving, i.e. one sachet, which contains up to 100 mg of the active substance Sildenafil. Kamagra gel allows you to get an erection for 4 to a maximum of 6 hours and you should wait until the next day to take the next dose, because although it is no longer possible to achieve an erection, the body must completely expel the drug from the system so that the next portion can be safely taken.

First, if a man notices the symptoms of impotence, make sure they are not temporary and are associated with fatigue or weakness of the body due to illness. However, if after the first incident they begin to appear more and more often you should immediately do something about it. Something is understood as a visit to a doctor, because he is the right person who can be treated as a trustee. Impotence is a disease that gentlemen don’t like to talk about, so this type of disorder is hidden even from a close friend, even when we take kamagra tablets. However, there are two people who should be immediately informed of the observed ailments, and this is the already mentioned doctor and partner.
Sooner or later a woman will notice that something is wrong and for a good relationship it is better to inform her sooner rather than later. In turn, the doctor is a person who will help find the cause and cure the disease. It is from finding the cause responsible for the disorder that the treatment begins, because without this step it is difficult to go further. Once the cause is determined, you can decide which treatment will be best for you. Sometimes it is recommended to combine several methods, for example, taking dietary supplements, starting physical activity, changing the diet, and massages that stimulate the circulatory system throughout the body.

Other gentlemen reach for tablets prescribed by specialists that strongly affect the male body, enabling them to achieve sexual satisfaction regardless of the age and severity of the disease. Still another group of men decide on less popular means in the fight against impotence, i.e. water jets, acupressure, hypnosis, yoga as a method of relaxation, which at the moment with other changes in life can bring surprisingly good results. Impotence treatment is a method of trial and error, however, whoever does not try – does not win with the disease.

In erectile dysfunction, men usually reach for potency funds prescribed by doctors. Therefore, more interesting versions of classic tablets were created, which in addition to better taste also act as aphrodisiacs, thanks to the right choice of fruit, which the drug has been enriched with. One of the drugs is Kamagra gel, which is an interesting proposition for men struggling with impotence after the age of 18 up to 70+. It is a drug based on Sildenafil, which is also responsible for the international success of Viagra.
One serving of Kamagra gel contains up to 100 mg of this substance, making it ideal even for the most advanced disorders. The specificity of the drug is to monitor the concentration of blood in the blood vessels. Then it stops the action of the enzyme, which causes the blood to drain too quickly from the penis, so that the erection is not achieved or passes too quickly, preventing sexual activity. At the beginning it was already mentioned about the interesting flavors of Kamagra gel, and it is pineapple, orange, vanilla, banana, strawberry, blackcurrant, mint, grapes, wild strawberry, chocolate and others.

The good taste of the drug is combined with fantastic action and achieving satisfying erections, and during the action of the drug, nothing prevents you from having repeated sex with your partner followed by ejaculation. Kamagra gel works for a minimum of 4 hours, and some men can enjoy this condition for 6 hours. A portion of the drug should be taken approximately 15 minutes before intercourse, although male organisms that absorb drugs more slowly must wait half an hour. The consumption of alcohol and fatty food is able to effectively weaken the effect and even prevent an erection despite swallowing a strong drug. If you take the medicine according to your doctor’s instructions, side effects should not occur, but be careful.

In addition to the above-mentioned drug limit, remember that Kamagra gel should not be combined with alcohol and fatty foods, as the medicine will not work properly. During the day when physical activity is planned, you should eat light meals and drink water, and everything should be fine. Interesting fact about the drug – you should not eat grapefruits and drink fruit juices, because they are able to as effectively as alcohol affect the lack of an erection even after taking the appropriate portion of the drug. Kamagra gel is a powerful drug that should not be taken by all men, which is why a visit to a doctor is needed to see if anything prevents you from starting therapy.

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