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What is an erection and what are the problems with it?

An erection, or more precisely an erection, is a physical reaction of the body that is associated with the joining of nitric oxide with biomechanical reactions in the man’s body. A side effect of this process is the relaxation of the smooth muscles of the penis, followed by the delivery of blood to the cavernous bodies that occur in the blood vessels.

The pharmacy is the original place where we buy pharmacological products and fixed assets, i.e. dressings and the like. Each pharmacy is also a legal place to buy medicines, hence we have confidence in the products offered by pharmacologists. However, all medications and Cialis tablets should be used with headache in moderation because the capsules contain the active substance sildenafil click here. This substance affects the body by lowering blood pressure, so be careful with it for people who have a problem with the right level of pressure. It is worth noting that in Poland, as in most European countries, only this product is available on prescription for men’s impotence. It cannot be denied that pharmaceutical companies are constantly fighting so that you can buy a potency pill without visiting a doctor. At the moment, all postulates have been rejected, due to the possible side effects of such preparations associated with incorrect drug intake. Especially men like to swallow too many pills when they feel discomfort.

Bad influence of lifestyle on potency in men

It cannot be denied that in the current world full of modernization and simplification of life, it is not difficult to get sick of civilization. In addition, the constant pursuit of career or grades, the so-called “rat race” completely deviates from the recommended lifestyle. Hence, it is not surprising that more and more people are suffering from many diseases. One example is impotence, which now affects not only older men but also young, healthy and full of energy. Although this seems unlikely, it is unfortunately real. Numerous family quarrels, stress at work or at school, busy schedule of the day – these are the first steps to becoming sick during night games. However, the medical market is helping us and offers a number of sensational measures for potency in men. Indeed, Cialis tablets are praised by both doctors and pharmacists as well as thousands of men who are satisfied with taking this preparation. However, before using, you should consult a doctor and make sure to read the package leaflet.

In order for a member to remain erect, a specific blockage of the veins that are under the penis cover is necessary. It should be noted here that erotic arousal plays an extremely important role in this process. Above all, the partner is responsible for the stimulation, where in the first phase of the relationship just watching or kissing a woman is able to cause a kamagra erection.

If a man notices difficulty with erection, he does not have to change his partner, because she is not responsible for this type of ailment. In men who are over 40 years of age it is usually associated with diabetes, hypertension, diseases of the nervous system and the genital system. Endocrine disorders, abnormal kidney function and other urinary tract diseases also stand out among the common causes. Diseases related to the human psyche are a separate category, including depression and neurosis, complexes, mood swings and self-esteem.

The latter group can meet men of all ages. It should also be noted that the medications you take are often the cause of erection problems. Among these drugs are anti-epileptic, anti-arrhythmic tablets, anti-emetic specifics or drugs for depression or for people who are unable to hold urine. In this disease, as in any other condition, medical assistance is necessary, who first conducts a thorough interview and then recommends conducting appropriate tests that will help to exclude other diseases in the patient’s body.

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